Sand Cast Stool

*shortlisted for the 100% Design Award @ New Designers 2013

'Using the process of sand casting to create a strong three dimensional stool top that can be cast in one piece'

The form of the stool top is the result of experimentation with sheet materials. The three dimensional shape was cut out of chemiwood to create the sand casting pattern, and this was then used to make the final castings.  One mould produces one casting. Each half of the mould (cope and drag) is packed with sand by hand and then left to harden.  Once both parts have hardened, the mould is put together and weights are added to the top to stop it exploding when the metal is poured.  It is then a case of smashing the casting from the mould and quenching it in water to strengthen it.

The marks and imperfections that would normally render a casting useless are celebrated as they make each individual stool top unique and they cannot be replicated the same way twice.

_DSC0037 (1).jpg